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There were 162 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-50 of 162

name sex sire dam colour birth year
Aldon Quaestor male VenioVenoya
Aldon Rampant male Aldon QuaestorExtra Special 1897
Aldon Teaser male Claude DuvalAldon Ecstacy 1899
Aldon Vandal male Meersbrook BristlesVandalia
Bank Note male Endcliffe BankerLimefield Beauty 1899
Beinnein's Painted By Santeric male Hayewyres Santeric TejanoWyrlake When Stars Collide 2006
Beinneins Bad Bad Leroy Brown male Strozzavolpe Wait Until DarkBeinnein's Indiana Raider 2012
Beverwyck King-Pin male Starden's KingBeverwyck Crescent 1893
Billy Briggs male Aldon QuaestorExtra Special 1897
Bimbo male Dark EyeLady Diadem 1894
Broxton Tantrum male VakeelBroxton Virago 1887
Dragonfox Fred Astaire male Dragonfox Cruz ControlDragonfox 2012 Mazda
Dragonfox Just Do It male Brookvalley Statesman At AlkinraDragonfox Zoom Zoom 2009
Foxheart Confederation Blend male Random ReconsiderationFoxheart's Tsarshadow Storm Warning 2018
Foxheart's I'm To Blame male Tsarshadow Foxheart Winter SoldierFoxheart's Worth The Whiskey 2016
Foxheart's Knock Yourself Out male Beinnein's Painted By SantericFoxheart's Wanna Talk About Me Tricolor 2009
Foxheart's Rogues And Rebels male Halcar Rebel YellFoxheart's Blasphemous Rumours 1996
Foxheart's Rough and Ready male Tsarshadows Flying CircusFoxheart's Wanna Talk About Me Tricolor 2012
Humberstone Rattler male ProctorLimefield Venus 1903
Independence male Raby Ding DongCairnsmuir Calliope 1899
Johnnie B. male Broxton TantrumPinwire 1888
Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy male Tricolor 2000
Leo (1901) male Otterburn CandidateDot (by Quo Vadis out of Iona) 1901
Mazara's Intrepid male Willowood Hiwire Wakeup CallMazara's Girl On A Mission 2005
Mazara's Riding With The King male 2015
Mazara's The Prodigy male 2015
My Fellow male Raby MixerSuffolk Riot 1891
Norfolk Appraiser male ValuatorNorfolk Valse 1897
Norfolk Bristles male Endcliffe BankerNorfolk Fidget 1897
Norfolk Castaway male Limefield RoderickNorfolk Outcast 1901
Norfolk Craftsman male Norfolk Richmond (late Avon Bumpkin)Norfolk Handicraft 1901
Norfolk Mainstay male Norfolk AppraiserNorfolk Clorita 1900
Norfolk Roughcast male Endcliffe BankerNorfolk Fidget
Norfolk Speculator male ValuatorNorfolk Valse 1897
Norfolk Tartar 50 657 (by Norfolk Veracity) male Norfolk VeracityNorfolk Fidget 1898
Norfolk Truecraft male Norfolk VeracityNorfolk Handicraft 1899
Norfolk Truesome male Norfolk VeracityNorfolk Dame 1900
Norfolk Victorious male Norfolk VeracityNorfolk Sting 1897
Paigewyre Red Hot Love Affair male Brookhaven Steele Red CorvettePaigewyre's Magical Dream
Runwyre Raffles Again male
Runwyre Raffles Max male Runwyre Raffles AgainRunwyre Real Sassy
Sandringham Diamond Go Bald male Go BangCairnsmuir Canopy 1899
Sandringham Diamond Growler male Sandringham Diamond VolleySandringham Diamond Sweetheart 1901
Sandringham Diamond Joe Smith male Sandringham Diamond VolleySandringham Diamond Trixey 1904
Sandringham Diamond Matchless male MatchmakerSandringham Diamond Sweetheart 1902
Sandringham Diamond Pincher male Endcliffe BankerSandringham Diamond Gipsy
Sandringham Diamond Volley male Go BangCairnsmuir Canopy 1899
Sangamo Bruff male Peter (by Brough)Coro 1894
Sapperton Turk male Compton JoeBelvoir Fury 1895
Selwonk Vanquish male Aldon VandalAldon Quality 1901