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There were 14 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-14 of 14

name sex sire dam colour birth year
Traveeda von Pili female Tricolor
Toton von Pili male Refan's Rainy Day ManTatia II von Pili Tricolor
Toro von Pili male Toton von PiliDiana von Pili Tricolor
Tatia II von Pili female Tricolor
Special's Wire Superstar male Crispy Wild CardSpecial's Wire Super Novak Tricolor 2009
Special's Wire Novak Chaser male Cunningfox Santeric ChaserSpecial's Penny-Post
Special's Wire Novak Beauty female Cunningfox Santeric ChaserSpecial's Penny-Post Tricolor
Special's Wire Benson Heritage male Crispy Wild CardSpecial's Wire Novak Beauty Tricolor 2009
Special's Penny-Post female Kathrich How's ThatSanterics Simply Something
Pickwick Kim female Penda PremierTurith Jessica of Dimminsdale
Malevo von Pili Holy Grounds Special EditionMaira von Pili Tricolor
Maira von Pili female Toro von PiliBeny von Pili Tricolor
Diana von Pili female Toton von PiliTraveeda von Pili Tricolor
Beny von Pili female Crizwood Kibble