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There were 559 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-50 of 559

name sex sire dam colour birth year
Acquiesce Raise The Roof male Warigal Brandy ManWarigal Peggy Sue 1996
Alita Boy male Fairwyre Ringmaster at CassarnonCassarnon Alita 2009
Aloha Of Stonegarth At Scanwyre female Blackdale CaptainGlamorgan's Ginger Nut Tricolor 1984
Baros Coachdriver male
Baros Linehill Moonbeam female
Baros Marymount Cinderella female Lyngarth ScoutBaros Delight Tricolor 1964
Bella Rose female Fairwyre Ringmaster at CassarnonCassarnon Alita 2009
Besom (12441) Whins 1881
Blackdale Academy male Blackdale GoldmakerBlackdale Gloria
Blackdale Actress female Blackdale AdventurerBlackdale Socialist
Blackdale Admiral male Blackdale AdventurerBlackdale Butterfly Tricolor 2004
Blackdale Adventurer male Blackdale Traveller BoyBlackdale Rosheen 2000
Blackdale Alarm male Blackdale Royal PrinceBlackdale Gracious Princess
Blackdale Allegience male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Melba 1981
Blackdale Alma female Blackdale AdventurerBlackdale Butterfly 2004
Blackdale Amanda female Blackdale AmbitionBlackdale Twilight 1982
Blackdale Ambassador male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Melba 1981
Blackdale Ambition male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Trendy Times 1981
Blackdale Amendment male Blackdale Aristocrat
Blackdale Amy female Blackdale AmbitionBlackdale Twilight 1982
Blackdale Amy female Blackdale King EdwardBlackdale Leona 2013
Blackdale Angel female Blackdale PersuaderBlackdale Alma 2008
Blackdale Angelina At Parkside female Blackdale Trade WindBlackdale Leona 2011
Blackdale Anita female Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Playgirl 1982
Blackdale Anticipation male Blackdale AristocratEdens Empress 1981
Blackdale Appreciation male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Amy
Blackdale Aristocrat male Blackdale StarbrightBlackdale Honey Tricolor 1979
Blackdale Artic Prince male Blackdale RingmasterBlackdale Petal Girl
Blackdale Artist male Blackdale Aristocrat 1982
Blackdale Athena female Blackdale InnovatorBlackdale Autumn Glory 2009
Blackdale Atomic male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Melody 1983
Blackdale Autocrat male Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Caress Tricolor 1988
Blackdale Autumn Glory female Blackdale Prince RegentBlackdale Sonata
Blackdale Ballerina female Blackdale The DiamondBlackdale Benita 2013
Blackdale Ballet Dancer female Blackdale Going For GoldBlackdale Cinders
Blackdale Banner Girl female Blackdale King O' the RingBlackdale Ballet Dancer Tricolor 1998
Blackdale Baron Of Praenobilis male Blackdale King O'DiamondsBlackdale Leona 2012
Blackdale Beacon male Blackdale TriumphBlackdale Pastel 2011
Blackdale Beauty male Blackdale PatrolSnowqueen Beauty 1986
Blackdale Beehive female Blackdale GoldfingerBlackdale Irish Princess 1999
Blackdale Ben Of Dorchester male Summerplace BosleyEasternvale Eclair 1988
Blackdale Benchmark male Blackdale ExcelBlackdale Blossom 2011
Blackdale Benita female Blackdale ExcelBlackdale Holly Bank 2011
Blackdale Best Choice male Blackdale ExcelBlackdale Blossom Tricolor 2011
Blackdale Bianca female Blackdale The DiamondBlackdale Boutique 2014
Blackdale Blanad female Blackdale KingfisherBlackdale Forest Fairy Tricolor
Blackdale Blossom female Blackdale King O'DiamondsBlackdale Actress 2008
Blackdale Blossom Lady Imp female Blackdale AristocratBlackdale Playgirl 1985
Blackdale Blue Rhapsody Imp female Blackdale ConsortBlackdale Wild Flower 1980
Blackdale Bo Peep female Townville Toast The HostBlackdale Petal Girl