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There were 46816 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-50 of 46816

name sex sire dam colour birth year
(Handy) Madcap male Eachway's CliffSlavey (White Slave) 1919
(Handy) Magician male Carlton BenNettle 1919
(Handy) Magnetic female Brierfild WireboyCobridge Luke Tricolor 1919
(Handy) Magnum male Barrington FearnoughtSharrodian Daisy Tricolor 1921
(Handy) Mainsail female Beckside BlinkerVerdun Duchess Tricolor 1918
(Handy) Matchbox male Brockley GamesterRhondda Girl Tricolor 1919
(Handy) Menace female Brockley GamesterRed Copper Tricolor 1918
(Handy) Musical female Kemphurst CornetTockley Polly Tricolor 1917
24 Carat male
A Big Hunk O' Love male Brocolitia Best Kept SecretFlower Girl 1998
a bitch by Brockenhurst Sting female Brockenhurst Sting (7963)
a bitch from the Rev. J. Russell's female
A Few Dollars More female Proveits Rock On Tommy At RomtykeGosel Saucy But Nice 2010
A Hint Of Pepper male Aman Cosmic GalaxyEllenside Exact 2017
A Mess Of Blues male Nedella Wot a GuyCasablanca Beauty 1998
A Norfolk Gem female Paddy PowerAutograph Rosie Girl 2016
A Nother Un Of Faircrest female
A penny of Parsley female Running RichieBrocolitia Missandi Tricolor 2017
a pure fox terrier bitch female
a son of Bitters male Bitters (520)
A Trick A Minute female Whittingford Who DaresLady Gwen Of Rhydfawr 1989
A Whistling Tune male Nedella Wot a GuyCasablanca Beauty 1998
Abberton Belle female Double DominoMiss Bunting 1928
Abbey View Sportswoman female
Abbeycot Beauty female Rockport Russett PrinceWhitehaven Hoity Toity 1985
Abbeyview Nigger male Bantam's MarvelPerkins 1919
Abbie Acer Aureum female Proveits Billy No MatesZarmine Tylda's Tyme 2004
Abbies Pride female Whittingford WarrantSceftesbr Gillyflower 1992
Abbot Augustine male Seawire Ellswyre MarksmanCademans Smart Girl 1973
Abbot Augustine Again male Saxontor Past MasterMistress Nora 1988
Abbot's Choice male Bishop's SelectedSayer Lundi 1912
Aber Queenie female Sunshine LadMaurbils Myfanwy 1985
Abercromby Prince male Parkside PrincePrincess Liverton Blue 1991
Above And Beyond male Saredon Final CountdownString Of Pearls 2012
Abraham King male Ashleyheath Sunny JimDaisey Jane 2013
Absolute Charmer female The Big Bopper Of WragleyEskwyre Bold Bidd 2015
Absolutely Annie female Oberoitime BowlesDominus Dione 2017
Abu Simbel male Trend Setter Of RollieconMilk Maid Sweetheart 1987
Abundance Declare male Newmarket Grand SlamBenwell Kate 1925
Abyad Lady Jane female Ammon DiplomatWyreville Lulu 1996
Abyad Lord Ryan male Felicit TalWyreville Sara 1998
Abyad Mevin male Wyreville RogerGlanhowy Natalie 1995
Abyad Smart Lad male Ammon DiplomatGlanhowy Little Miss 1994
Acacia of Freams female
Accolade Of Baglan male Townville TristanianBaglan Sookera
Ace Of Spades male Saredon Let Me Entertain You At StansteadMardi Gras Miss 2007
Ace Sensation male Sonorra Star SplendorLittle Foxy Lady 1995
Ace Ventura male Sersly Top TipstarTownwyre The Street Singer 1997
Ace-High Bounce male Summerplace Ace HighFascination Lass
Achibald The Great male Fflach LlewellynLlansychtre Fanella 2012