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There were 9 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-9 of 9

name sex sire dam colour birth year
Black Knight Of Tian Dao male Tiandao Warm SunshineTiandao Adena 2012
Tiandao Adena female Tiandao AnanTiandao Jessica Tricolor 2009
Tiandao Anan male Tricolor 2002
Tiandao Egyptian Queen female Travella Some BoyBeemaid Thunder Bay at Travella 2012
Tiandao Eva female Tricolor 2008
Tiandao Ire Snow female Random RetortTiandao Egyptian Queen 2013
Tiandao Jessica female Tricolor 2006
Tiandao Rainbow female Travella Some BoyKreit Kross Parma 2014
Tiandao Warm Sunshine male Travella Some BoyTiandao Eva Tricolor 2010