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December 2017

Some news:

DNA test available for VDEGS - Van den Ende-Gupta syndrome!

Wait! What? "In brief: A skeletal syndrome causing severe skeletal anomalies has been described in Wire Fox Terriers. The disorder causes multiple skeletal defects with the most common being severe patellar luxation and severe underbite. The mode of inheritance is autosomal recessive. The genetic defect is estimated to be relatively common within the breed. In one study, 22% of the control population were carriers of the disorder.
The disorder causes multiple skeletal anomalies that are already evident in young puppies. Severe underbite is often noticed as the first sign of the disorder. "

DNA tests can be ordered from several laboratories, some of which are:
MyDogDNA/Genoscoper Labs, Finland
Laboklin/Labogen, Germany
AnimaLabs, Croatia
Genomia, CZ
Center for Animal Genetics CAG, Germany
eurovetgene EVG, Slovakia
Laboklin, througout Europe and more
Wisdom Health, USA
Animal Health Trust, UK (in Wisdom Health package - please check back package contents to be sure)

More information on the condition is e.g. available here (PDF) and here

The original study can be found at: http://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1006037


And now?

Genetic testing - what does it mean for breeders? (PDF)

Should we breed with Carriers? (PDF)

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