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Baxee Jimmy the Won

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Registered Name: Baxee Jimmy the Won
Breeder: E.A. Baxter
Sire: Harrowhill Hunters Moon
Dam: Molmik Cinderella
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 2 AUG 1986
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: UK Ch
Known Offspring:
Ammon Vanity Fair
Baxee Carols Delight
Baxee Chatham Rating
Baxee Fly Navy
Baxee Friday While
Baxee Kidwelly Maid
Baxee Line Astern
Baxee Malvern Matelot
Baxee Master At Arms
Baxee Messdeck Lawyer
Baxee Quarter Deck
Baxee Sheer Legs
Baxee Starboard Light
Belmarana Blue Bell
Glanrob Glad Rags From Baxee
Glanrob Televera Kit
Glanrob Whisky Mac From Baxee
Highwire Handsome At Brewsta
Highwire Harvest
Highwire Hell Of A Fella
Highwire Hellraiser
Highwire Henpecked
Kadabra Captains Choice At Bronorn
Kadabra Gail Warning
Kadabra Hello Sailor
Kadabra Hi Hi Skipper
Kadabra Saucy Sal
Midas of Minerstown
Miss Muffin Of Minerston
Pippa Of Hollyhax
Robelroy Argosy
Robelroy Comet
Robelroy Lancaster
Robelroy Sunderland
Robelroy Victor
Robelroy Wellington
Sweet Riotus Rupert
Timothy Somer
Topeka Zarena
Willows Effervescent Elektra
Worrom Who Wouldn't
Worrom Why Not
Worrom Wise Up
Worrom Witch
Worrom Woody
Baxee Jimmy the Won

Harrowhill Hunters Moon

Harrowhill Huntsman

Townville Tally O
Harrowhill Happy Talk
Harrowhill Golden AureoleHarrowhill Happy Day
Harrowhill Golden Aura
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