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Travella Solid Gold

picture of dog
Registered Name: Travella Solid Gold
Breeder: Bill Browne-Cole
Owner: Ann & Louis Gold
Kennel: Travella
Sire: Travella Strike Accord
Dam: Travella Strategic Choice
Call Name: Eric
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 10 APR 2001
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: Canada
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: GB. Can. Am. Champion
Known Offspring:
Badger Belle
Beemaid Stirling Silver
Beemaid Supermaxi
Billy Beefcake
Brocolitia Class Act
Brocolitia Classic Gold
Brocolitia Gold Sovereign
Brocolitia Golden Imp
Dartline Nice Time
Dartline Play Time
Dartline Showtime
Dudleys Pride And Joy
Fox Tales Moving On Up
Foxburrow's Fatal Appeal
Golden Holly Berry
Halcar Belladonna
Halcar Pot O'Gold
Halcar Wirewoods Attitude
Harry Parsnip
Honey Bell Sunshine
Llansychtre Josephine
Majeika Colourful Life
Majeika Ice Cool Lad
Majeika Live The Dream
Majeika Looks Like Value
Majeika Strong Magic
Misty Honeydew
Perky Patch
Plawsworth Foxburrow Gold Rush
Porthvale Heather
Sawara Beau Brummell
Sawara Bertie Basset
Sawara Black Jack
Sersly I Know Rosie
Sersly Lead The Way
Sersly Storm Force At Brocolitia
Strozzavolpe Golden Rose to Starring
Strozzavolpe Goldstrike
Strozzavolpe Sovereign to Travella
Sychtre Joseph
Tally's Little Boy
Tamedale Ljunberg
Tamedale Lovis
Tamedale Lyrical
Tiger Lilly Bee
Travella Beemaid Sparticus
Travella Sky Quest
Travella Solar
Travella Stand And Deliver
Travella Star Path
Travella Star Return
Travella Starstorm
Travella Strike Gold
Travella Strong Hand
Travella Sue's Pride
Tyquin Adonis
Tyquin Allium
Tyquin Arum
Tyquin Asternova
Tyquin Avena
Wylyefox Miss Tickle
Wylyefox Starry Messenger
Wylyefox Whimsical
Wylyefox Whippersnapper
Wylyefox Whirligig
Registration#: KKAB03094801
Travella Special Pearl

Travella Solid Gold

Travella Strike Accord
Travella Strikes DoubleTravella Strike Alike
Travella Society Girl
Travella Maiden

Travella Special Strike
Travella Toya

Travella Strategic Choice

Sceftesbr Consul at Travella

Travella Special Strike
Sceftesbr Chianti

Travella Sister Strike

Travella Special Strike
Travella Strike A Match