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Burrenearl Craftsman

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Registered Name: Burrenearl Craftsman
Sire: Valken Downtown Boy
Dam: Burrenlea Starlight
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 26 MAR 1995
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Alkinra Glamour Girl
Alkinra Glitz'n'ritz
Bonny Of Belfast
Burrencroft Barnaby
Burrencroft Batchelor
Burrencroft Bellringer
Burrencroft Blue Moon
Burrencroft Camelia
Burrencroft Charmer
Burrencroft Comfort
Burrencroft Commander
Burrencroft Countess
Burrencroft Criterion
Burrencroft Crusader
Burrencroft Delight
Burrencroft Dramatic
Burrencroft Dreamer
Burrencroft Duke
Burrencroft Gay Girl
Burrencroft Glitter Of Cradleydale
Burrencroft Hallmark
Burrencroft Hightide
Burrencroft Inspire At Itsallgo
Burrencroft Jewel
Burrencroft Jupeter
Burrencroft Jupitor
Burrencroft Lady
Burrencroft Magical
Burrencroft Mamoud
Burrencroft Marcus
Burrencroft Marshall
Burrencroft Minstral
Burrencroft Miss Quality
Burrencroft Model
Burrencroft Precision
Burrencroft Realgem
Burrencroft Rosebud
Burrencroft Serenade
Burrencroft Silver Fox
Burrencroft Society
Burrencroft Spark
Burrencroft Spice Girl From Telesia
Burrencroft Spitfire
Burrencroft Sportsgirl
Burrencroft Sporty Girl
Burrencroft Stars
Burrencroft Statesman of Purston
Burrencroft Stayfast
Burrencroft Stowaway
Burrencroft Stricking
Burrencroft Striking
Burrencroft Sundance
Burrencroft Sunrist
Burrencroft Topper
Burrencroft Truboudor
Butch The Warrior
Fairwyre Barrister At Dunwyre
Fairwyre Captivator
Fairwyre Conqueror
Fairwyre Eyecatcher
Fairwyre Prospect
Fairwyre Silver Princess Derryview
Fairwyre Starparade
Fairwyre Trademark
Fairwyre Victoria
Fairwyre Witchcraft at Nethertonion
Jack In The Box
Lin Mer To Be Sure
Lough Shore Ladd
Ratheden Euro Star
Scanwyre Unforgetable
Scanwyre Whipper Snapper
Scanwyre Wise Guy
Scanwyre Yankee Doodle
Sersly Just Finty
Sersly Molly's Charm
Sometime Zax
That's My Buddie
Tomo Sonnie Boy
Two Tone Titch
Warigal Globe Trotter
Registration#: KCV2970301V03
Burrenby Magic
Burrencombe Select of Fairwyre
Burrendale Escort of Purston
Burrendale Pleasure
Burrenedge Marksman
Burrenend Motorman
Burrenglen Impact
Burrenlake Moonbeam
Burrenvale Melody
Burrenway Dairyman
Burrenearl Craftsman

Valken Downtown Boy

Townville Tradesman

Blackdale Prospect
Townville Tempo

Valken Country Girl
Valken Skyrocket
Valken Paper Moon
Burrenlea Starlight

Louline Pickled Pepper

Sylair Special Edition
Penda Picturesque
Burrengrove LimelightCrindu Conan
Burrenvale Tinkerbell