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Fairwyre Adventurer at Alkinra

picture of dog
Registered Name: Fairwyre Adventurer at Alkinra
Breeder: Ann Stanfield
Kennel: Fairwyre
Sire: Fairwyre Rhapsody
Dam: Fairwyre Cinderella
Call Name: Topper
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 1 MAY 2003
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Ch AM Ch CAN Ch
Known Offspring:
Alkinra Odds Against
Alkinra Oh Boy
Alkinra On A Mission
Alkinra On A Promise
Alkinra One And Only
Alkinra Pepper Pot
Alkinra Playtime
Alkinra Pretty Polly
Alkinra Secret Affair
Alkinra Social Scandal
Alkinra Storyteller
Alkinra Sugar And Spice
Alkinra Xotic
Alkinra Xtravert
Alkinra Yes Sir
Alkinra Your Desire
Alkinra Yours Truely
Alkinra Zealous
Alkinra Zingyzing
Alkinra Zinnia
Alkinra Zugzwang
Anstars Firecracker
Anstars Little Soldier
Anstars My Fair Lady
Anstars Wyre In The Blood
Crispy Bandmaster
Crispy Born To Be Wild
Crispy Candyman
Crispy Carizma
Crispy Legacy
Crispy Peppermint
Crispy Playmate
Dewyre Cheeky Charlie
Dewyre Dark Crusader
Dewyre Dark Endeavour
Dewyre My Kinda Magic
Dewyre Mystic Jenny
Drygait Full Of Mischief
Drygait Little Precious
Drygait Miss Tina Tee
Drygait Mister Disnay
Drygait Time To Dream
Fairplay van Foliny Home
Fireball Boy
Ghyllmoire Adventurer
Ghyllmoire Avenger
Ghyllmoire Makers Mark
Ghyllmoire Monogram
Honeymead Hector
Irvonhill Brooklyn
Irvonhill Poinsetta
Irvonhill Snowflake At Staremesto
Irvonhill Swizzle
Irvonhill Washington
Lacus Dropdead Fred
Lacus Ever So Clever
Lacus Peter Piper
Lacus Summer Sunshine
Lancelot van Foliny Home
Lucky Charm
Marstens Cooper
Marstens Leo
Marstens Smiley
Meadhouse Matilda
My Secret Rose
Nethertonion Buddy Holly At Alkinra
Red Bright Star
Robwyre Razzmatazz
Robwyre Revival
Saredon A New Dawn
Saredon First Instinct
Saredon Ultra Cool
Sceftesbr Salty Punch
Sceftesbr Sir Charlie
Sceftesbr Star Ruby
Silver Breeze
Townwyre Angus Man
Townwyre Could It Be Magic
Townwyre Guardsman
Townwyre Lovely Girl
Townwyre Reliable
Townwyre Sea Biscuit Hero
Townwyre Uptown Girl
Tsuselena D Xinela Blu Pearl At Davwen
Tsuselena D Xinela Pinkgold At Gallianta
Tsuselena Daxinela Garnet
Tsuselena Daxinela Topaz At Gallianta
Fairwyre Colleen
Fairwyre Emerald
Fairwyre Gemstone Of Alkinra
Fairwyre Imperial at Cassarnon

Fairwyre Adventurer at Alkinra
Fairwyre RhapsodyFairwyre Challenger

Burrencombe Select of Fairwyre
Burrendon Heather of Fairwyre
Fairwyre Coronet

Burrenedge Marksman
Fairwyre Melody
Fairwyre Cinderella

Fairwyre Prospect
Burrenearl Craftsman
Fairwyre Vicountess
Fairwyre Pretty Perfect

Valken Downtown Boy
Burrendon Heather of Fairwyre