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Cwmgarws Joint Venture

picture of dog
Registered Name: Cwmgarws Joint Venture
Breeder: Helen Frizell
Sire: Blackdale Patrol
Dam: Easternvale Vixen
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 5 JUL 1987
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: GB Ch.
Known Offspring:
Beekay Belinda
Beekay Bryony At Gembridge
Beekay Byron
Beemaid Topaz
Beemaid Tumble
Beemaid Tyson
Corriecote Lord Wiz O'fiona
Corriecote Willow O'Fiona
Corriecote Winter O'fiona
Cwmgarws Captivater
Cwmgarws Charisma
Cwmgarws Cheeky Lady Of Livewyre
Cwmgarws Cherub
Cwmgarws Felin Gerri
Cwmgarws Lady
Cwmgarws Lady Carola
Cwmgarws Lady Titania
Cwmgarws Lady Titania
Cwmgarws Moon Beam
Cwmgarws Pearls Delight
Cwmgarws Sea Venture
Cwmgarws Special Brew
Cwmgarws Special Crystal
Cwmgarws Special Emerald
Cwmgarws Special Ruby
Cwmgarws Stand And Deliver
Cwmgarws Stand And Salute
Cwmgarws Stand Your Ground
Cwmgarws Steps Out
Cwmgarws Stream Force Of Livewyre
Cwmgarws Stream On
Cwmgarws Stream Patrol
Cwmgarws Streams Seranade
Cwmgarws Super Model
Cwmgarws Super Streamer
Cwmgarws Superman
Cwmgarws Surprise Surprise
Cwmgarws Surprise Venture
Dominus Dairy Cream
Dominus Dancing Girl
Dominus Dramatist
Dominus Starlight
Foregevale Femme Fatale Of Easternvale
Foregevale Fine Fellow
Foregevale Fine Lad Of Easternvale
Foregevale First Lady
Foregevale Foxglove
Foregevale Funny Girl
Maicrop Ace Of Spades
Maicrop King Of Diamonds
Maicrop Patch My Lovely
Maicrop Pink Pearl
Maicrop Sweet Saphire
Nedella Wot a Star
Parkside Hurricane
Parkside Regale
Parkside Sophie
Parkside Storm
Parkside Tempest
Parkside Thunderbolt
Puddledyke Anastasia
Puddledyke Aphrodities
Puddledyke Aramis
Puddledyke Aristocrat
Puddledyke Artemus
Puddledyke Athena
Sceftesbr Cafe Au Lait
Sceftesbr Cafe Creme
Sceftesbr Cafe Noir
Sceftesbr Cafe Royale
Sceftesbr Canned Heat
Sceftesbr Cold Steel
Sceftesbr Cool Mercury
Stanstead Galway Star
Stanstead Second To None
Stanstead Sweep Stake
Stanstead The Toff
Suhaili Star Turn
Suhaili Star Winner
Suhaili Starshine
Cwmgarws Black Adder
Cwmgarws She Fox Of Easternvale
Cwmgarws Surprise Packet
Surprise Packet of Cwmgarws

Cwmgarws Joint Venture
Blackdale Patrol

Blackdale Aristocrat

Blackdale Starbright
Blackdale Honey
Blackdale Carmella

Blackdale Consort
Blackdale Limelight
Easternvale VixenProcne Provest

Harrowhill Huntsman
Procne Precision
Penda Perfect Lady (1982)

Townville Tradition

Penda Pretty Perfect