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Travella Stand And Deliver

picture of dog
Registered Name: Travella Stand And Deliver
Breeder: Bill Browne-Cole
Kennel: Travella
Sire: Travella Solid Gold
Dam: Travella Symbol Of Success
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 APR 2003
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing:
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: Ch.
Known Offspring:
Alderton Girl
Alderton New Girl
Beemaid Take Over Target
Beemaid Taranto
Beemaid Thunder Bird
Beemaid Thunder Bolt
Beemaid Thunder Rock
Beemaid Thunder Rocket
Beemaid Thunder Storm
Beemaid Thurlston Rock
Beemaid Tiffin Deano
Beemaid Tipsy Mouse
Beemaid Troublemaker
Beemaid Tudor Honcho
Beemaid Tuesday's Delivery
Beemaid Tumbling Dance
Black Boy Of Alderton
Bryonella Jody Girl
Dumbleton Rose
Dumbleton Rosie
Golden Honeydew
Hillrise Special Delivery
Honeyball Moonshine
Honeybells New Girl
Jitae Stand'n Stare
Jitae Summer Wine
Little Boy Of Gloucester
Moonshine Maiden
Mystic Lad Of Alderton
Mystic Moonfellow
Mystic Sundancer
Precious Little Girl
Pride And Joy Again
Robelroy Raindancer
Robelroy Rhianna
Robelroy Rosamia
Saintly Thoughts
Sersly Beauregard
Sersly Delta Queen
Sersly Desert Opal
Shining Venus Maid
Sparkling Diamond Girl
Special Report At Travella
Spring Whisperer
Star Boy Of Tally
Tally's Pride And Joy
Tallys Moonshine Girl
Tallys Pride And Joy Again
Tewkesbury Boy
Titan Lad Of Trebeath
Travella Safe Shot
Travella Saint Elena
Travella Satin Rose
Travella Scarlet
Travella Scorpion
Travella Sea Knight
Travella Secret Pact
Travella Secretary Of State
Travella Serenade Girl
Travella Set Alight
Travella Sharp Action
Travella Sharp Dresser
Travella Sharp Spirit
Travella Show Girl
Travella Show Off
Travella Show Stopper
Travella Show Time
Travella Silent Wave
Travella Silk And Satin
Travella Silver Chime
Travella Silver Stormaway
Travella Sir Rocco
Travella Sky Hawk
Travella Social Contract
Travella Solar Eclipse
Travella Sorceress
Travella Sovereign
Travella Sovereignty
Travella Special Conquest
Travella Special Edition
Travella Special Gold
Travella Special Intent
Travella Special Moment
Travella Special Preview
Travella Sporting Chance
Travella Sporting Girl
Travella Sporting Rebel
Travella Spot On
Travella Spy Catcher
Travella Stage Beauty
Travella Stage Struck
Travella Star Attraction
Travella Star Delivery
Travella Star Glow
Travella Star Performer
Travella Stargazy
Travella Starsign
Travella Stateside
Travella Storm Cat
Travella Suits Me
Travella Supa Tramp
Twinkle Twinkle Lady
Wylyefox First Lady
Wylyefox Just The Ticket
Wylyefox March Wind
Wylyefox Special Delivery
Wylyefox The Inventor
Wylyefox The One And Only
Travella Solar

Travella Stand And Deliver

Travella Solid Gold

Travella Strike Accord
Travella Strikes Double
Travella Maiden

Travella Strategic Choice

Sceftesbr Consul at Travella

Travella Sister Strike
Travella Symbol Of SuccessTravella SpecklatorTravella Strikes Double
Travella Maiden
Travella Spring GaleTravella Strikes Double
Travella Shaya