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Louline Pickled Pepper

picture of dog
Registered Name: Louline Pickled Pepper
Kennel: Louline
Sire: Sylair Special Edition
Dam: Penda Picturesque
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 10 APR 1985
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Colour: Tricolor
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: UK Ch
Known Offspring:
Alkinra Betona
Baxee Button Boy
Baxee Seafarer
Bertie Biscuit Barrel
Blanefield Felicity
Blanefield Francis
Blanefield Frederick
Broutou Of Roger
Burrenearl Cleopatra of Purston
Burrenglen Pickler
Burrenkey Pickle Man
Burrenlea Starlight
Carrie Ann
Caspar Libra
Celtic Viking
Christmas Rose of Rayfos
Chryssi Bianca
Cinnamon Kid
Classy Chas
Coch Dancer
Cool Trader
Copy Cat
Cordon Bleu
Cracklin Rose
Cradleydale Checkmate
Crafty Celt
Crisp Note
Crispy Candy
Crispy Caramel
Crown Jewel
Curtain Raiser
Cythral Bach
Dalview Lady Be Good
Dalview Lady In Red
Dalview Lady Luck
Dalview Lucky Lad
Dounefox Rosencrantz
Dounefox Rosie-Lou
Forchlas Bullseye
Forchlas Cream Puff
Forchlas Good Fortune
Forchlas November Song
Forchlas Pride and Joy
Forchlas Roger
Geltran Gegenschein
Heroines Hot News
Heroines Hot Shoot
Heroines Hot Stuff
Highrene Mark of Distinction
Hollingwyre Advocaat Of Keithall
Hollingwyre Allspice
Hollingwyre Avaunt
Hollingwyre Avouch
Hollingwyre Axiom
Hot Fox Pepper Pot
Louline Head Over Heels
Louline Head for Heights
Louline Headlight
Louline Heartbreaker
Louline Heartstrings
Louline Heatwave
Louline High Note
Louline High Odds
Louline High Spirit
Louline High Stakes
Louline Hob Nob
Louline Hootman
Louline Hot'n Pickled
Louline Houlahan
Louline Loveboy
Louline Lovebug
Louline Loveletter
Louline Passionate
Louline Peter Piper Of Sylair
Louline Pinnacle
Louline Pumphrey
Louline the Principal
Marstens Dinky Doo
Marstens Jim Jim
Marstens Wonky Monkey
Nethertonion Charlene
Nethertonion Lucille
Nethertonion Normandy
Nethertonion Sarah
Nethertonion Tara
Nethertonion Winning Colours
Newmaidley Christmas Eve
Newmaidley Happy Christmas
Pelland Basil
Pelland Borage At Louline
Pelland Pepperpot
Penny Farthing
Peppered Mischief Maker
Pepsi Of White Cottage
Peter Piper Of Rayfos
Pickled Again Of Rayfos
Pollyanna Terrena
Prince Of Dance
Rayfos Fair Enough
Rayfos Pickled Again
Rayfos Plainly Pickled
Rayfos Pretty Penny
Rayfos Pretty Pickle
Rayfos Sweet Pickle
Rayfos Wait And See
Suhaili Moonbeam
Suhaili Moondust
Suhaili Moonlight
Suhaili Moonmagic
Suhaili Moonshine
White Rose Of Rayfos
Whynncraege Fantasy of Corriecote
Whynncraege Fascination
Wychwyre Wicked Lady
Registration#: 0984 BV
Louline Pepper Box
Louline Pepper Pot
Louline Peppereye
Louline Peppermint
Louline Peppery

Louline Pickled Pepper

Sylair Special Edition
Sylair Star Leader

Harrowhill Hunters Moon
Cubhunter of Hendell
Fairwyre Knockwellan Tina

Trucote Admiral
Jokyl Spunsugar
Penda Picturesque

Townville Tradition

Harwire Halyard of Whinlatter
Townville Tillie

Penda Pretty Perfect

Harrowhill Huntsman
Penda Worsbro Weasel