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Stagwire Samurai

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Registered Name: Stagwire Samurai
Sire: Townville Tradesman
Dam: Maryholm Warrior Trail of Stagwire
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 18 MAY 1989
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: UK Ch.
Known Offspring:
Aywire Aladdin
Aywire Andrea Of Karjobri
Aywire Aramus
Aywire Arquette
Aywire Kimmie
Bossanova Benchmark
Brocolitia Canny Ladd
Brocolitia Lady Jane
Brocolitia Little Minx
Brocolitia Storm Force
Brocolitia White Lite
Clansman Chief
Cripsey Collier from Minerstown
Cripsey Peony
Cripsey Rebecca
Cripsey Trammer from Minerstown
Crumleigh Heath Rusty
Danuido Tempo
Durban Maxamilian
Game Kontender
Gin Kocktail
Go Kontinental
Grand Klassic
Grand Konspirator
Greeting Kiss
Gulf Kommander Of Wiredot
Jetstream Master Class
Jetstream Miss Brightside
Jetstream Mr Optimistic
Jetstream Mrs Peabody
Jetstream Night Trader
Lady Of Arundel
Larchbarque Receiver at Brocolitia
Larchbrook Ramona Of Kathry
Larchcape Roberta
Larchcove Rebecca At Brocolitia
Larchspring Rowena
Larchstream Rula of Saredon
Little Banner Man
Lundville Lady of Jitae
Megastar of Minerstown
Melvick Miracle
Royal Flag Ship
Sensational Sebastian
Silvervale Sweet Sonata
Skelmoss Little Gem
Skelmoss Rosamundi Of Minerstown
Skelmoss Sabateur
Skelmoss Shogun
Spirited Tad
Stagwire Seetnes Herself
Stagwire Shepwood
Stagwire Soldier Boy
Stagwire Swank Man
Stagwire Sweetness Herself
Star Spangle
Suhaili Go Round The Moon
Suhaili Moon Miracle
Suhaili Moon Rascal
Suhaili Moonbuddy
Summer Sue Of Solent
Sunny Spot On
Whaleybridge Jake
Willowyre Fennella
Willowyre Wild Dream
Willowyre Wild Rose
Wireholm Baron
Wireholm Earl
Wireholm Marquis
Stagwire Simply Smart
Stagwire Samurai

Townville Tradesman

Blackdale Prospect

Galsul Excellence

Fairwyre Twinkle
Townville Tempo

Townville Texan
Townville Tassie
Maryholm Warrior Trail of StagwireDenidale Sea PigeonDenidale Mill Reef
Maryholm Warrior Queen
Stagwire Lady Jane of Maryholm

Townville Trail
Cripsey Rainbow of Stagwire