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Paddy Power

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Registered Name: Paddy Power
Sire: Burrencroft Batchelor
Dam: Brocolitia Get Justice For Otherton
Call Name: Paddy
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 22 JAN 2008
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: United Kingdom
Land of Standing: United Kingdom
Size: 40.64 cm (16 inch)
Colour: Tricolor
Distinguishing Features: Brown head, with 2 large black spots on back
Known Offspring:
A Norfolk Gem
Amazing Gracie Girl
Amber Rose
Ann Of Chinas Boy
Archie's Anvil Strike
Archie's Santa's Suprise
Arthur The Wright
Asta Done Good
Baileys Over Ice
Basil Brush Masterpiece
Bella Foxy Rose
Bernard Of Ken Bushey
Bobby Floods Theboy
Bobby Lightening
Bold Boy Badger
Box Of Trixies
Bright Hearth Maisie
Bronties Fabel
Caribbean Rochelle Teddy
Charlie Beatrice
Charlie Specially Selected
Cheethamhill Beauty Maddy
Chezsters Roman Legion
Cilla Of Regan
Coco Number Five
Cornish Cream Dream Elsie
Daisy's Final Answer
Dapper Danny
Daredevil Denzil
Darmonds Daisy
Delwires Anastasia A Queen
Delwires Billy Boy
Delwires Blazing Flower
Delwires Bonnie Lass
Delwires Bouncing Bertie
Delwires Eddie The Eagle
Delwires Eira Stormydd
Delwires Ernest Endevour
Delwires Fiesty Fineen
Delwires Flirty Gertie
Delwires Gravilles Joker
Delwires Hastings Bob
Delwires Iggy Twiggy
Delwires Lila's Loads Of Fun
Delwires Maddies Really Mad
Delwires Maximum Volosity
Delwires Milue What A Flurry
Delwires Neil's Song Writer
Delwires Perfect Ruby Gem
Delwires Pretty Poppet
Delwires Roguish Rupert
Delwires Ruby Precious Gem
Delwires Steady Teddy
Delwires Such A Popett
Delwires Super Fizzer
Delwires Super Gal Jennie
Delwires Wilson's A Menance
Dexters Dream
Dexters Full Force
Disaronno On The Rocks
Dotty Dott Disco
Dotty Evanna Munro
Double One Vinnie
Ellie's Nightingales Peeler
Emperor Maximilian
Erik The Viking
Evermorefox Romulus
Fernando Boysie
Flash Frearson
Florence Fifi Trixibelle
Forge Vic Master
Foxy Snowball
Freddy Flintstone Shard
Gerties A Real Cornish Gem
Goes Home
Harold's Steptoe's Boy
Hector Edward Chadwick
Hector Trojan Warrior
Hepzibah Hodor
Hollands Roxy
Hook Is My Gal
Hornsea Lily
Huckle Berry Flynn
Iron Bertie The Bold
Jamaica Arlington Enzo
Jessica's The Jester
Jude's The Dude
Kir Royale
Knowing Me
Lady Imagon Christmas From Wivelsfield
Lady Meg Pontesbury
Leonard Star Forged Legend
Lord Montgomery Of Amptill
Made The Grady
Meg's Spring Sunshine
Miltons Toby
Missy Oreo Ginger
Mo Tear Away
Molly Paco Rayban
Monty Sandcast Hero
Montys Comic Jester
My Beautiful Rosie Girl
Nellie Jemima
Nenee Janes Mename
Newton Plato Prince
Norfolk Shanty Man Fizzy
Norman Stanley Fletcher
Northumbrian Bonnie Piper
Oscars A Wildboy
Oxfords Gretal
Paddy The Apprentice
Paviawyre Callies Sunshine
Paviawyre Freedom Rebel
Paviawyre Gypsy Storm
Paviawyre Lucians Moon
Paviawyre Magic Millie
Paviawyre Sassy Sally
Paviawyre Spirit Of The Free
Paviawyre Tinkers Revenge
Peach Schnapps
Phoebes Heather Feast
Pippa Munro
Pippin Cava Rose
Popcorns Sweetie
President Theodore's A Joy
Pretty Ballerina
Princess Arabella
Proud Sectarian
Ragdoll Rosie
Realy Maddie
Reux The Day
Rio Grande Girl
Robert The Grand
Roxiters Roman Romance
Rufus The Red
Silverlands Butch Cassidy
Silverlands Don Patch
Silverlands Dot Cotton
Silverlands Minnie Mouse At Shoalhill
Sir Thomas Of Marley
Spot Off The Mark
Sputnik Bob's Out Of Orbit
Stonesby Lilly
Super Sharp Stanley
Super Trouper
Supersonic Sidney
Sweet Tasting Surprise
Tasker's Old Comrade
Teddington Hot Toddy
Teddy Roosevelt's Sharp Shot
Tin Tins Adventurer
Tobey Le Rone
Toby's Celtic Retreat
Trooper Cooper
Waterloo Surrender
Wexford Town Bob
Wilburs African Adventurer
Wrought Iron Rosie
Registration#: AJ02285401
Paddy is a super chap siring many happy healthy puppies, he has an inbred coefficient of 7.1%
Guilty As Charged
Just Leagal
Night Hawk
Rock And Robin
Rough Justice
Swag Man
Truly Unruly
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