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There were 5810 dogs found matching your search criteria. Displaying 1-50 of 5810

name sex sire dam colour birth year
(Handy) Halloa male Ridgewood Re-echoStandard Imitation
(Handy) Masher male Rex U. R.Masked Lady White Black 1919
(Handy) Masthead male Common Scamp of Notts 1918
(Handy) Matchbox male Brockley GamesterRhondda Girl 1919
(Handy) Matchlaß female JackeallShotoven Angela White Black 1920
(Handy) Minegold male Cromwell Raw UmberRuth White Brown 1920
(Handy) Musical female Kamphursh CornetTockley Polly 1917
(Handy) Sensitive female DurbarCherry of Notts
a bitch by Old Trumps female Old Trumps 608 (Trump)
a son of Bitters male Bitters (520)
Abberdale Admiral male Farleton Full CryFarleton Fortune
Abberdale Audacity male Abberdale AdmiralLady Clare 1944
Abberdale Brandy female
Abberdale Cyder female Abberdale AdmiralAbberdale Brandy
Abberley Girl female MalukeLubpoena
Absence female
Ace of Space male
Active Lassie female Warbreck Spero
Activity female Tonic (by Bitters)Nottingham Nettle
Acton Pride male
Actress female Jester IIVenus from the Rufford Kennels 1877
Actress Botham female
Adaires Debonair female The Maverick of RiberMustard of Mosvalley
Adaires Derisbay of Fieldron male Boreham Bay DominoAdaires Debonair
Adaires Dialogue of Fieldron male Boreham Bay DominoAdaires Debonair White Black 1995
Adam Bede male DoningtonDinah Morris White Black
Adastra Gleaming female Wrose IndelibleLuck Dip
Adelaide Vic female
Adonis male
Adsum male DaddyPresence 1898
Affrighter male
Ahrimann (vom Malepartus) male Dysart VisitorShilling Fare White Black 1895
Aire Bruce male
Aire Ideal male Farleton FlavianAire Winnie
Airy female DonningtonBrockenhurst Agnes 1897
Ajax male
Akeley Nettle female Jester IINettle (Palliser's) 1875
Akely Joè male Belgrave JoeFang
Aldridge Brownie female Wyche WarrantJane Scragg
Alert Mixture female Elton MixtureFair Sample
Alfie of Kentisbeare male Casting of NottsTelegrapg Girl
Alice (by Old Trap) female Old Trap (597)bitch by Old Jock
Alkell Legionary male Sufredon InklingGlenure Myrtle White Brown
Alkincoates Bluebird male
All Bristles male Meersbrook BristlesMiss Bristles
Allendale Prince male Watteau SnuffboxTownville Tanya White Brown 1969
Alley (8943) female RivetRose (by Vandal) 1876
Allusing female Sylvian StarDonington Segnerel
Almah female
Alphetta female GoldiggerAlmah