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Lil'Itch Game On

picture of dog
Registered Name: Lil'Itch Game On
Sire: Broxden Able at Pennfox
Dam: Laurelton Time And Again
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Colour: White Black
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: AM CH
Known Offspring:
Absolutely Adorable
Absolutely China Doll
Absolutely Dreamy
Absolutely MVP
Bellewoods Bonhomme
Bellewoods Lumiere
Clayco On The Game
Clayco Use It or Lose It
Decorum Champagne
Decorum Touch The Clouds
Faux Paw Awe Mae Zing
Faux Paw Shockn' Awe
Frenchpark Moon Of Wintertime
J'Cobe Broxden Delilah
J'Cobe Broxden Hampton Court Detroit Tiger
J'Cobe Broxden Lil'Itch The Los Angeles Angel
J'Cobe Kemosabe Danea
J'Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice
Kenterra Zaria
Lil'Itch A Kiss For Luck
Lil'Itch Chemen De Fere
Lil'Itch Femme Fatale
Lil'Itch Roll The Dice
Lil'Itch Steeplechase
Lil'Itch Wedigit Pretty Boy Floyd
Lil'Itch Wedigit Rugged Larke
Lil'itch J'Cobe Philadelpha Phillie
Sunlyn Living Legend
Sunlyn Shine On
Sunlyn Soon To Be Famous
Texforrier Get Off My Cloud
Texforrier Great Gatsby
Wedigit Angel In The Outfield
Wedigit Covert Affair
Lil'Itch Butterfly Kiss
Lil'Itch Can You Hear Me Now
Lil'Itch Catch Me If You Can
Lil'Itch Court Jester
Lil'Itch Lucy In The Sky
Lil'Itch Peeke A Boo
Lil'Itch Send In The Clown JE
Lil'Itch The Intimidator
Lil'Itch Trophy Wife

Lil'Itch Game On

Broxden Able at Pennfox

Laurelton Now Take A Bow

Laurelton Now Hear This

Laurelton Imagine

Trackways Promise of Pennfox
Nufox Snowey River
Trackways Snowmist Patches

Laurelton Time And Again

Aimhi Type Cast

Laurelton Now Hear This

Aimhi Emotion

Laurelton Seven Of Nine

Laurelton Now Hear This
Foxmoor Walztime