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Angezeigt werden 61-80 von insgesamt 1255 Hunden
Name Vater Mutter Geschlecht Geburtsjahr
Absolutely Oh My Absolutely Oh No Foxjar OMG female 2013
Absolutely Oh No A Cut Above Seafarer Just Want Some Fun male
Absolutely Olympic LadyRaybills Olympic Medal Always A Lady female
Absolutely Out Of Sight Absolutely Oh No Raybills Empress Crystal male 2010
Absolutely Signature Absolutely Oh No Wicked Witch Of The West male 2013
Absolutely Sinful Absolutely Oh No Raybills Empress Crystal female 2009
Absolutely Stand Back Look OutSlyfox Sneaks A Peek Absolutely Me Too male
Absolutely SuccessfullEpic Adventure Bristlecone Anticipation male 2006
Absolutely Superstitious Absolutely Oh No Quissex Mouche male 2012
Absolutely Talk of the Town Slyfox Sneaks A Peek Raybills Yes She's It female 2011
Absolutely The 12th ManSlyfox Sneaks A Peek Absolutely Adorable male 2013
Absolutely Uncensored Absolutely Oh No Absolutely Olympic Lady male 2012
Acapulco Nes Gwadiana (FCI) Agria Waterfall Agria Maggie Mae male 2010
Accius de l'Épine Hubert Eleazar du Bois des Maitres Ulos de l'Etoile d'Heudicourt male
Accolade Al Mando High Mountain Everso In Command A Rose In May At Accolade male
Accolade Atlanta Brave Tribalfox The Nomad Graebrook The Power O Wun male
Accolade Beau S RoseKayleigh Beau S Baron Accolade War O The Roses female
Accolade Calidad Evasiva Indianfox's Liamson Accolade Shower of Roses male
Accolade Camelot Rose Son Es Swan Lake El Picador Kayleigh Its Raining Roses at Accolade female
Accolade De LejosAccolade Juan El Viajero Accolade Image Of A Rose male 2003
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